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Miami Fraud Attorney

Lawyer for Federal Criminal Charges in Miami, Florida

The basic definition of fraud is the crime of obtaining money or property from another person by way of deliberate deception. The primary purpose of fraud is for financial gain, although the offender may have another purpose or purposes as well.

Are you under investigation for fraud, or have you been arrested for any type of federal crime relating to fraud? Miami federal lawyer Michael Mirer can offer you valuable legal support and guidance during this difficult time. With his experience as a trial attorney and as a former prosecutor, attorney Mirer can work to aggressively defend your rights and interests in every step of the legal process associated with your charges.  

Types of Federal Fraud Crimes

There are many forms of fraud, all covered by different federal laws. Following are some of the main types of federal fraud crimes:

Allegations of fraud can put your career and future at risk. Your company may crumble if you are convicted, and at times being charged with fraud can be enough to harm your reputation. No matter the particular fraud charges you may be facing, our firm may be able to help. As an experienced federal criminal defense attorney, Michael Mirer can protect your interests from the moment you are accused of or discover you are under investigation for some form of fraud. He is dedicated not only to aggressive representation but also to providing his clients with the personal attention they deserve.

Contact our firm today for a free consultation with a competent Miami fraud attorney.