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Miami RICO Attorney

Defense for Racketeering and RICO Violations in Miami, Florida

Under federal law, an individual who has obtained income through any pattern of racketeering is prohibited from investing or using this money in the acquisition of an activity or enterprise that affects interstate or foreign commerce. Racketeering activity includes any of a number of criminal acts, including murder, arson, bribery, extortion, drug crimes, fraud, and many other specific offenses. This is covered under the Federal Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, which was initially developed to address issues related to mafia activity and other types of organized crime. Today, RICO charges may be increasingly common in white collar environments, as well as in relation to drug trafficking organizations or similar operations.

Acting immediately and consulting a Miami RICO lawyer is essential if you or your company is currently under investigation for racketeering or any type of RICO violation. With over 10 years of experience under his belt and a background as a former prosecutor, federal criminal defense attorney Michael Mirer has the knowledge and resources to address your RICO charges and provide you with the full protection the U.S. Constitution and our legal system have to offer.

Asset Forfeiture and RICO Charges in Florida

Asset forfeiture is a common part of RICO cases in Florida. Federal agencies have the right to seize any property or money which was unlawfully obtained, or which was used in the commission of a crime. This may include personal property, assets, real estate, cars, boats, and much more.

Miami RICO attorney Michael Mirer can step in immediately and work to protect your assets and property from seizure. Contacting Mr. Mirer as soon as possible will also help ensure that your rights are not violated during any investigation, often serving to limit the extent of the investigation that federal agents are able to conduct.

Contact the Law Office of Michael Mirer today to discuss your Miami, Florida RICO charges with a skilled lawyer.